General Manager's Notes

June, 2014

Welcome to your new web site!  Your Management Company, Vail Resorts Inc. and your elected officials, Mr. David Carroll in particular have been working on your new state of the art web site to inform, educate and promote the St. James Community.

The old web site as many of you know, was on an old platform that would not support many of the new browsers and certainly was not capable of being the vibrant, exciting and up to the minute site that a community such as the St. James Place needs.

The Management Company will oversee the site and we will add content as needed and also provide up to date calendars of events as well as up to date information and postings that will keep you informed of the community; what is happening now; where we are headed as well as all of the detailed information that each and every community member would want to keep abreast of including budgets, financials and minutes of the Board of Directors and Residential Committee meetings.

The web site will be focused on the needs of the owners, keeping you all informed as to both the state of your community as well promoting the St. James Place to others who might be interested.  We will also make every effort to keep you abreast of what is happening within the Beaver Creek Resort from the standpoint of events and community as well.

We think that your new web site will become an integral part of how you stay informed and we will make every effort to make sure that it serves the needs of this amazing, diverse community going forward.

Randy Smith
General Manager
St. James Place