Timeshare Upgrade

Dear Fellow Homeowners,
During the last 6 years the HOA RESCOM (your Residents Committee) and the Association Board have approved and executed over $2 million dollars in major renovations to the common areas of St James Place, including a major upgrade and expansion of our lobby; the additional of a new lobby entrance; upgrades to our pool, deck and exercise facility; new carpeting and lobby/hallway painting throughout the building; and the complete repainting of the exterior of the building.
The RESCOM normally plans for major upgrades to the interval condominiums every 5-7 years, and the elements of the last upgrade were completed in 2015-2016, including new appliances, new king beds, new carpeting, new couches and easy chairs, and new lighting systems in all the rooms.  The next major upgrade begins in 2018.
Over the last year the RESCOM, with the professional assistance of Victor Mark Donaldson Architects, our manager and Vail Resorts representatives on the Board, have undertaken a serious study of what would be needed to bring the interval units up to our owners expectations, a plan for 2020+.  The RESCOM is in the final stages of putting together an enhanced architectural plan for execution by the end of 2019.  These upgrade/enhancements include:
-   repaint/re-stain all of the condominiums
- install new entry/kitchen wood flooring
- install new kitchen cabinet facings, refinish cabinets
- install new fireplace stone façade and wood mantle
- new living room valances
- new dining room chairs/recover kitchen bar stools
- new living room coffee tables
- new living and dining room artwork
- Replace the living room TV/cabinets with a new 65 inch wall mounted, commercial-grade digital TV
All of these design improvements have been put into a “demonstration” unit, #108, for consideration and approval by the RESCOM and Board at the 18 August 2018 RESCOM/Board meeting, and pictures are posted on the HOA website and in the lobby.  Following formal approval, the renovation program would involve the upgrade of half of the interval units during the fall of 2018 and the remainder in the spring of 2019.

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