Vacant Timeshare Opportunities

We understand that life is busy and some schedules are hard to keep.  If you are unable to use your timeshare, don't just let it go to waste sitting empty, contact the St. James Place and we can help you.

The most popular option for owners seems to be placing their unit in the rental pool.  By releasing your unit into the rental pool, it has the opportunity to generate rental revenue for you.  The split on rental revenue is 65% of the rate goes to your owner's account and the other 35% goes to management.  Once the rental release is processed, it is immediately shown in our system as available to rent.  Regarding our rentals, there is a two night minimum.  Also, the renter doesn't have to stay the seven night block of your week, as sometimes a reservation may start on a Thursday or Friday, overlapping into two different timeshare weeks.  One problem with rental expectations is that the unit will always rent.  One of the most important things to remember regarding your rental is that it is not guaranteed to rent.  The earlier you send your rental request in, the better chances of renting it will be.  If you have any further questions regarding our rental release program or would like a form, please contact

Another option is trading within the St. James Place itself.  Available on our website is the list of all trading requests from our owners.  For example, if you own week 4, can't make it during that time and would like to visit during week 8, you can propose that trade on our website.  The only matter involving our trades is that you need to have another owner matching your request.  If you have any questions involving the owner trade program, contact or to vist our trade page, click the following link:

  One more option is banking your timeshare with one of our affiliated companies. Interval International(II) or Resort Condominiums International(RCI) are the companies who can help you exchange your week with the St. James Place for another timeshare property spread nearly all over the world. The first step in doing this request is contacting one of the two companies. Our involvement is only verification of ownership at the St. James Place. If you do however have any further questions regarding the exchange companies, we would be happy to help.